Shopping for a new luxury watch? Certain watch bracelets are popular in the watch world. Luxury doesn’t have to mean plain, old-fashioned designs. Here are the latest stylish designs and types of watch straps that are making waves in the watchmaking world. 

The Bonklip

Looking for a vintage option? The Bonklip is a classic watch bracelet that has been around since the 1920s. They were even used in military watches since the 1960s due to their durability. It is made from a strong, stainless steel watch band that is easily adjustable for the perfect fit. Many popular brands incorporated the bracelet into their designs, including Rolex and Omega.

The Oyster

Are you an underwater enthusiast? The Oyster watch strap is a famous 20th-century icon that was first made popular by Rolex. As with most luxury watch straps, this strap has been updated throughout the years. Today you’ll find the form that uses beautiful solid links and a strong clasp design. These are watch strap types that are best for underwater diving so you’ll commonly see them in dive watches and sports watches.

The Jubilee

Looking for a mix of sporty and formal? Like the Oyster watch bands, the Jubilee designs are best for dive watches and sports watches, but they also have a sophisticated style that gives them a more formal look than the Oyster. The Jubilee was first designed in 1945 but unlike most bracelets, the design has remained fairly unchanged throughout the years with beautifully polished links that break up into three small rows. 

The Beads Of Rice

A watch bracelet for work and play. If you need a versatile watch bracelet that fits both sports and dress watches, the Beads of Rice is the watch band you need. It was designed by bracelet manufacturer Gay Freres in the 1940s. The original version was made from a combination of stainless steel and precious metals. Today there are many versions of the bracelet that are used by big brands such as Tag Heuer for a range of luxury watches. 

The Royal Oak Bracelet

Stand out from the crowd with The Royal Oak Bracelet. The stainless steel eye-catching bracelet was made for the brand Audemars Piguet and has since been used by other brands such as the Patek Philippe Nautilus. They are available in different steel, two-tone, and precious metal combinations.

Milanese Strap

Fashionistas will love this bracelet. The Milanese was designed in Milan and has a luxurious finish made from bands of stainless steel. It has comfort as well as style as the links are intricate and smooth. These beautiful watches are a must-have for anyone looking for a high-end fashion look and to stand out at formal events. Some of the watches that feature this stunning style include The Longines Legend Diver Black, The Tissot PR 100 Chronograph Quartz, and The Tissot Visodate.

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