Luxury watches and exquisite watch hands go hand-in-hand. Watch hands come in many shapes and sizes and bring out the famous beauty that luxury watch brands are known for. If you are looking for a watch hand to suit your hand, we have a guide to the different styles available to help you to find the perfect match. 

Types of Watch Hands and Styles

Swiss watches are beautiful luxury watches known for their intricate designs and innovative materials. Most watches come with different watch hands to help us to tell the time, but also to give the watch a unique style. Although these styles and terminology tend to change as watches evolve, here is a current list of some of our favourite watch hand styles.

Arrow Watch Hands

These are shaped like an arrow. These hands have a large point that makes it easier to tell the time. Some of the famous brands incorporate arrow hands for their dive watches and luxury brand range. 

There are many gorgeous luxury watches with arrow watch hands. Watches with arrow-style hands include The Oris Divers Sixty-Five, The Tissot Gentleman Quartz, and Longines La Grande Classique


Baton watches are said to be similar to stick hands. Famous for dress watches, baton designs are thin, long, and shaped like a baton. It is another style that is clear to recognise and hence perfect for dive watches. 

Watches with baton hands are stunning choices for professionals and those looking for a classic style. It pairs well with formal events and galas. An example of a classic baton hand watch is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak with white gold baton markers.


You cannot beat a classic. Breguet-style hands were designed in the 18th century by watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. It is known for long and elegant hands with a round hoop near the tip. 

These are delicate and elegant choices for any classic watch lover. Some of the timeless pieces you can find this style in include Breitling Montbrillant and Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux Platinum.


No, we aren’t talking about the automotive brand although it does resemble their logo (three-pointed star). Mercedes hand watches are designed with a large circle at the end of the watch hand. They are made from luminous material that makes it easy to tell the time when there is not much light around.

Mercedes-style hands are great for those who want a watch that is easy to read, such as those underwater divers. Rolex is a good example of a luxury brand that uses this style. 


Pencil watch hands are a lot like baton watch hands. Each hand is thin and straight, with a distinct point at the end. Patek Philipp watches have pencil hand styles that look both chic and professional.


Plongeur watch hands are popular on dive watches. The French word means diver. These hands are short and straight with a sword shape. You’ll find these styles on a lot of Omega dive watches like the Omega Seamaster 120m Jacques Mayol Plongeur De Luxe.

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