Like the best stocks on the London Stock Exchange, a preowned watch from certain brands is in very high demand. If you want to beat the stock market with pre owned watches, investing in a well-known brand is essential. Will the vintage watches and fine watches from these brands retain or increase their value? 

As all investors with a stock market portfolio know, there is no guaranteed way to predict future stock movements, no matter the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) rating. The same principle applies to luxury Swiss watches. In the last few years, the second-hand luxury watch market has shown itself to be a good investment. Both these investment fields require comprehensive pre-investment research, and patience.              

When you want to invest in a timepiece that will outperform the market, it must be an unemotional purchase without loyalty to a specific brand. Investment in a brand with long-term value growth, scarcity, and guaranteed demand, should be the only consideration.

Why Watches Are A Good Investment

It takes 200 to 300 hours to assemble the minute repeater of a Patek Philippe watch, and the President of the company validates the sound quality before it leaves the workshops. Every luxury Swiss watch is a work of art and a wonder of engineering. When you buy a watch as an investment, you purchase the results of excellent craftsmanship.

Family-owned luxury Swiss watch companies, especially, have a very long-term view and value brand reputation more than short term profits. It maintains the high value of their watches, making them a good investment for both watch collectors and investors.    

Do Watches Retain or Increase in Value?

Scarcity and demand are two of the main characteristics that determine whether watches retain their value or increase in value. Selected styles from luxury watch brands like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Rolex have multi-year waiting lists for new watches. The demand is so high and availability so limited, that collectors and investors don’t hesitate to pay the high asking price for a new watch.

And because they are so difficult to obtain, the value of these watches increases as soon as they are bought new. On the secondary market, the luxury watches can command two or three times their retail prices, making them a great investment. That is, if you can get hold of one, have the funds to purchase it, and have done sufficient research to know which watch would achieve the highest price.      

Limited edition pre owned watches from prestigious brands, and timepieces from small independent brands like F.P. Journe, can also demand high prices. Their exclusivity makes them an investment to consider.  

Apart from the brands mentioned above, many new watches from luxury brands lose some value as soon as the purchase is made. If you want to make a smaller financial investment and are willing to wait long-term for your investment growth, buy these watches as preowned. Let someone else carry the depreciation cost. 

Do Second Hand Watches Hold Better Value Than Stocks?

In a recent report by Bob’s Watches, an American e-commerce retailer of pre owned Rolex and other luxury watches, data sourced from ten years of Rolex sales were used to determine if second-hand watches hold better value than stocks. The answer seems to be a resounding yes. The report states: 

“When it comes to a flat-out percentage increase, Rolex watches significantly outperformed both gold and real estate. This is based on inflation-adjusted values for the price of gold provided by and median sales price data for houses sold in the United States from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database. 

Additionally, while the stock market (based on historical Dow Jones Industrial Average values from offered similar overall returns over the course of the last decade, Rolex watches offered a noticeably higher appreciation percentage when it comes to the last five years, and this trend only seems to be continuing into 2022.”

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