Thinking of investing in a new dive watch? Dive watches have many great features to admire, and many of these features make them one of the most popular watches in the world. When choosing a dive watch, you may have noticed the language is not always clear when it comes to features. We help you to understand what all the features mean in our guide to dive watch features and terminology.

Water Resistance

What is the function of a dive watch? Its main function is to allow you to be able to use the watch underwater or in conditions where water is present. Water resistance is therefore a key feature to dive watches. There is however a catch for what is considered a professional dive watch. A dive watch needs to be water-resistant to at least 100 meters. A more advanced professional divers watch will extend to at least 200 meters. Make sure you look for this feature when purchasing your next dive watch to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Most modern dive watches dive deeper than 100 meters these days due to their durability. Some of the most durable dive watches include the Longines Legend Diver Black and the Oris Divers Sixty-Five range of dive watches. 

Durable Straps

Dive watch straps need to be strong. After all, you don’t want it to loosen halfway through an underwater dive. Although there are unique dive watches out there, most of them have durable rubber or stainless steel straps that are adaptable to sea pressure. 

When choosing a watch, look for features such as durability with being able to withstand pressure, and make sure the watch has UV resistance to direct sunlight or humidity. Look for watches with anti-corrosive materials if you are going to be doing a lot of saltwater dives. What is the best diving watch for saltwater dives? Gold and stainless are good options. 


Legibility refers to the ability to read your watch underwater. The deeper you go underwater, the less light you will have access to. Less light can make it difficult to read your watch dial. Thus, defeating its purpose. 

Look for a dive watch with features that have legibility in low light. We aren’t just talking about hands that are clear and easy to read underwater, but also hour markers and bezels. You need a watch with a clear dial or digital displays that can help you to see underwater. A lume coating is helpful here.

Luminous Finishes

Luminous finishes mean that your watch will “glow in the dark”. A luminous finish goes hand in hand with legibility, meaning it will help you to see during deep underwater dives or where there is little light available such as when you are in a cave (even if you just want to be able to read at night!). 

Dive watches can “glow” thanks to the photons in light sources being stored in photoluminescent materials in the watch. The best way to check if a dive watch has a luminous finish is to therefore make sure the watch has a photoluminescent coating. The coating will ensure your watch glows for a few hours or sometimes all night, depending on the watch you choose. Contact a professional for more info on coatings. 

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