The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot, in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Perhaps the most changing landscape is retail shopping – gone are the days of browsing the racks with your friends, hopping from shop to shop before relaxing with a coffee or perhaps a nice meal. Instead, shoppers are faced with queues, one-way systems, sanitising stations and face masks. While we all understand the necessity of these precautions, there’s no denying that the experience can be more stressful than fun these days.

Face masks, in particular, are causing rifts among shoppers – with many insisting that the uncomfortable wearing takes the joy out of shopping entirely. In fact, an Ipsos Mori survey recently found that 43% of Brits would feel uncomfortable going out shopping, other than in supermarkets, while a separate survey by Retail Economics found that a quarter of respondents said the crisis would permanently change the way they shopped.

Enter online shopping. During lockdown, buying online was the only option for many items, and the numbers still flocking to websites are continuing to rise as the safety of shopping from your own home wins out over taking your chances outside.

Even for high-value items that would traditionally be bought in person, the combined security of extra hygiene measures with better and more reliable postage means it’s never been easier to have luxury delivered to your door.

The 2008 recession saw demand for luxury watches grow – one of the only consumer markets to do so – as buyers were drawn to investment pieces rather than throwaway fashion. At Time-To-Find, we expect to see another ‘flight to quality’ during this period of economic uncertainty – after all, no one can argue that a classic Swiss watch will ever go out of style, or even lose its quality over time!

We say time and time again that buying once is always preferable to buying cheap, and who can go wrong with a combination of fine craftsmanship, luxurious materials and unbeatable performance? You’ll find all three in every one of our selection of watches.