The parts of a watch dial are no longer old and boring. You can choose from many styles of watch dials today, each with its fashionable features. We chose four of the best that add to your investment when buying a luxury watch. 

What Is a Dial On a Watch?

What is a watch dial exactly? The dial on a watch helps us to tell the time. These are the watch face types that are found on analogue watch dials which help to show us the hour, minute, and second. Not all watches have all watch dials. Sometimes manufacturers may leave out the minute dial to make the watch look more stylish. Either way, the dial plays an essential part in watchmaking. 

There are many types of watch faces to choose from today with different layouts and textures. Here are the four most popular watch dials.


Enamel has been used around the world for thousands of years. It has become one of the most commonly used materials for watch dials. The reason for this is that the different enamel materials can be combined to change the colours of watch faces. The glass of enamel is made of lead, silica, and soda. It is heated to create the liquid which forms these beautiful colours for the watch metal.

Watch dials with enamel are the perfect choice for watch users who prefer a sophisticated look and bolder colours. One of these exquisite luxury watches include the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Quantième Lunaire 40.5 with white gold enamel. 


Crosshair was a popular mid-century design for dress watches. You’ll find these on traditional and vintage watches. A crosshair dial has thin and barely visible vertical and horizontal lines. These watches give off a classic and sophisticated look but modern watchmakers incorporate the crosshair design in their new innovative layouts.

Some popular Omega watches use this design. If you prefer a classic and vintage style or looking for a luxury watch for a formal event, crosshair watches are the best choice you can make. 


A Guilloche watch dial has a more artistic finish than standard watch dial faces. It is an engraved wave pattern that was traditionally crafted by hand using a straight line engine or a brocading machine. Today this design is rare as watchmakers move towards more machine designs. 

Although it is not as common, these designs are beautiful choices if you are looking for a vintage and traditional watch design. Some stunning choices include the La Grande Classique Quartz 24 Roman Guilloché and La Grande Classique Quartz 24 Stick Guilloché. 


A skeleton dial is probably the most interesting watch face you’ll find. The dial is made from a transparent material, most commonly sapphire crystal and glass, which lets you explore the inner workings of the watch itself. It has an anti-reflective coating and designs that take a while for the manufacturer due to the intricate techniques involved.

These watch dials are for people who like to see beyond the surface. If you’re an adventurer or explorer, you might appreciate this contemporary watch design. Some examples of brands that use skeleton features include Centrix Automatic Open Heart Two Tone Skeleton Dial Ceramic or TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition Skeleton Watch

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