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Established: 1908

In London, 1905 Hans Wilsdorf started business age 24, using movements sourced from a small company in Bienne. In 1908 the Rolex brand was established, a name chosen as it was precisely short enough to look good on a watch dial.

The company immediately began striving for absolute accuracy and by 1910, a Rolex was the first watch to ever receive the Chronometric Precision award. Just four years later the prestigious Kew Observatory awarded Rolex an A-grade in precision, which until then had only been given to marine chronometers, and this is how Rolex earned its reputation. In 1919 the business relocated to Geneva and Montres Rolex S.A was born.

1926 saw the birth of the first waterproof Rolex. Named after the hermetically sealed sea creature, the Rolex Oyster was ahead of its time but proved to be an enduring classic. The Oyster DateJust followed in 1945 and continued to push boundaries with a date window, and became a pillar of the Oyster collection. The genius of Rolex brought game-changing and fabulous inventions into the industry, including:

  • In 1931 they produced the perpetual movement, a patented world first with a self-winding mechanism. This system is still the basis of every automatic movement today.
  • The revolutionary 4130 chronograph movement, which boasts only 290 components, far fewer than standard number making the mechanism more robust.
  • The cerachrom bezel, virtually impervious to scratches and UV degradation
  • The blue parachrom hairspring from a paramagnetic alloy which makes it resistant to magnetic field and shock proof

The brand is now famous for sponsoring legendary sporting events such as sailing, Formula One and three day eventing, capturing the spirit of the sports in iconic models the Submariner and the Daytona, and its name is synonymous with status and high achieving individuals. Rolex is also very active in the beaux-arts and high fashion culture.